Posted by: Phoebe | December 12, 2008

Daniel’s Story

My almost-twelve-year-old brother Daniel wrote this story, which I am now “publishing” for him:

Hello everybody,

this is a short story that I wrote for school called-

The Trio’s Pictures

    ” Where is he, that rascally, mischievous twin brother of mine?” Noah asked.
    ” Probably getting into trouble again,” his cousin Josiah replied, ” or maybe he left
without us.”
    Just then Moses came around the corner and exclaimed ” Let’s get going!”  However, Josiah wasn’t  willing to go until he could say bye to his mother. But the others insisted that would get the parents into asking unnecessary questions.
    The eleven-year-old twins were on vacation in the Rockies with their family and their eight- year-old cousin Josiah and his family.  The adventuresome trio had been advised by their leader, Moses, that they should climb to the top of a steep mountain near the campground and see the spectacular view. Moses had sneaked along his older brother’s camera to take a picture of the view.
    The climb up the mountain was steep and sometimes slippery with a cliff on the left side that had several ledges projecting near the top.  The ledges gave Moses an idea.  When they got to the top Moses proudly revealed the camera and introduced his idea. “Now, suppose one or two of us jumped off the cliff and fell harmlessly to the next ledge. The other person would take a picture at that second so that it would look like he was jumping off the cliff into empty space,” said Moses.
    At first the others thought that they were in enough trouble already and that to take pictures with Matt’s camera would just mean more trouble. But soon they were convinced by Moses that it would be worth it.
    They took a picture of Noah who happened to be wearing blue sweat pants and a black coat, so he looked almost like Batman jumping off the cliff. One picture had Moses shoving Josiah off the cliff and another showed Moses’s fingers hanging on to the edge of the cliff with Noah “stamping on them.”  Then they took a timed picture of them all walking off into the air.
    After they were done Noah and Josiah convinced Moses they had better be getting back before dark, so they started off. Moses had strapped the camera around his wrist and was about to put his hand down to support himself when it happened. All of a sudden the camera went tumbling down the mountainside and Josiah reached out and caught it, but lost  his grip on the rock he was holding onto. As he tumbled down the mountain Moses and Noah looked at each other open-mouthed with the same thought: “He’s gonna die!”
      Next thing they knew they were both scrambling down the mountain to see what happened. They heard a cry and wailing, which quickened their pace still more. When they found Josiah, he had many cuts and scratches as well as a big gash on his leg. Still, that was nothing compared to what they had feared. Relieved, they limped home.
    As soon as they all hobbled into camp, Moses and Noah were thoroughly scolded and spanked to punish them for endangering Josiah’s life. Worst of all, Matt threatened never to develop the film.
    When the vacation was over, however, Matt relented.  The pictures were spectacular. The boys decided to enter them in Dallas’s huge fair. They entered them in the main photography section where the professional photographers had their pictures. When the judges saw the pictures of the boys who had jumped off the cliff and lived to tell the tale, they immediately gave the pictures first prize. Naturally, this gave the triumphant trio much joy.



  1. Good story, Daniel!
    Keep writing even if it is not assigned!

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