Posted by: Phoebe | December 18, 2008

Getting Big and Strong!

I went to give blood the other day, and they turned me away! They have a new rule that you have to weigh a certain weight if you are a certain age, instituted because they want to reduce complications. I was shocked, because I was just under the limit and they could not let me donate!  I was not sure exactly how much I weighed, so I went to a therapy center down the street and weighed myself, discovering I weighed less than I thought! It was a wake-up call to get stronger. Weight is not as important as strength. The absence of fat means nothing if I also lack muscle. Last semester and summer I worked out some, but inconsistently, but now the break has given me more time, and I am resolved to get strong!

These are the home exercise-DVDs that I am using. I like them very much. The ladies on them are not “sexy” or fitness-clubbish, but strong and straightforward:


Erin O’Brien has a tough but fun workout, mixing aerobics, weights, Pilates, and stretching. I get sore from it, but end up getting much stronger. It is five-stars on Amazon, for good reason. I wish she would make more workouts.

Miranda Esmonde-White has developed a method called “Classical Stretch.” Much of it is stretching, which tones and strengthens your muscles. Some of it is more strengthening, and quite challenging. I like most of this one and feel expanded and loose after doing it.

Fun times of vacation! I have the time to do this. Hopefully, I’ll get in shape by the time school starts, and be able to maintain throughout next semester. Ask me how it goes.


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