Posted by: Phoebe | May 6, 2009

Seven years ago today

It was a May day like this one. The sun was bright but gentle through the east window of my parents’ bedroom, just like today. There were four people in the room, my mother, father, the midwife, and me. Mama was on the bed, panting when the pains came. In the midst of a contraction, it was hard to see the intensity that filled all her body, but in between she was remarkably patient and unirritable. In a few hours labor got harder and she was more tired and cried out harder. Suddenly she gave a great desperate cry and the midwife’s arms swooped up and in her hands was a little blue creature with his arms and legs splayed out. He was blue because the umbilical cord was around his neck during labor, but thankfully the midwife kept it from strangling him. Our hearts leapt at the sight of him. Suddenly there was a face to the name, “Micah,” and I realized, wonderingly, that there had been five people in the room all along. My mother was quivering with exhaustion and joy, with eagerness to touch her child. I could hardly wait to hold him and could not take my eyes of him as he was cared for by the midwife, placed on Mama’s chest, and then in my father’s arms. Birth is a holy thing, because life is a holy thing, and that is why we celebrate birthdays! Today seven years ago, my dear brother Micah was born.



  1. Oh wow! The joy of a holy thing indeed! Happy birthday to Micah and blessings to big sister!

    • Thank you, Laurie. And by the way, I’ve tried to comment on your blog lately, but for some reason Blogger won’t let me. I guess I have to adjust my settings.

  2. Ah, Phoebe, it makes me weep to reread what you wrote about Micah’s birth. I’m so glad you could be there, although at the time I thought it might be a bit traumatic for you (it certainly was for me, at least for awhile!). What a wonder birth is. How great our God is. And what a joy our Micah is–such an exuberant boy.

    • Thank you Mama! Something neat happened on Monday evening at the music students’ bible study. Clint was talking about the power of God to heal and asked us to share miracles that we had witnessed. I realized that the process that you went through with miscarriages and then the births of Micah and Isaiah showed your faith in God and his gracious power to heal. Even though to the world their births were nothing dramatic, God worked life-giving miracles in giving them to us.

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