Posted by: Phoebe | December 30, 2009

Quote 1: Christ’s obedience on our behalf.

Announcing the Quote Collection. I like to collect quotes and for a while I used to write them in a book, but I got lazy with that. Also I don’t post very often on my blog during the school year. To answer both deficiencies, I would like to begin posting quotes that I find particularly interesting or well-put in my readings.

To begin, a quote from Of First Importance on Christ’s obedience on our behalf:

“I must not only wash in Christ’s blood, but clothe me in Christ’s obedience.

For every sin of omission in self, I may find a divinely perfect obedience ready for me in Christ.

For every sin of commission in self, I may find not only a stripe or a wound in Christ,
but also a perfect rendering of the opposite obedience in my place,
so that the law is magnified,
its curse more than carried,
its demand more than answered.”

—Robert Murray M’Cheyne, quoted by Andrew Bonar, Robert Murray M’Cheyne (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1960), 176


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