Posted by: Phoebe | July 9, 2010

Boundless Summer Challenge: Task 1, one of my favorite websites, is hosting a “summer challenge” in which they will assign a new task each day for spiritual growth and service to God. ( I have been on the fence about starting the challenge. On the one hand, I am interested in something that may pull me out of summer sloth (i.e. spending way too much time online) and till the soil of my soul for new growth in the next couple months. On the other, I am afraid of failure. How often have I resolved to read my bible for x number of days and fallen short? Rightly or wrongly, now I avoid such binding promises. I want to be motivated by positive desire, not negative guilt.

But after praying and thinking about it today, I do want to do the challenge. If my moving over the next couple months overwhelms me, I hereby give myself the permission to quit without guilt! But my hope is that I will want to do this, that these short-term goals of spiritual growth will bring long-term fruit.

Thursday was the first day, and the assignment was to pray for 20 minutes, post this note, and invite 3 friends to join with me. I haven’t invited anyone yet. If you read this and want to do the challenge, please consider yourself invited!

Prayer was good, of course, because the Lord is so good. I sat outside the music building and enjoyed the evening breeze. Ps. 16 and 127 were refreshing. The Lord brought many friends into my mind to pray for. I rested. What a gift and honor prayer is, a gift I so often refuse to enjoy and an honor I often ignore. Thank the Lord for his grace.

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